70-419 Szczecin, Plac Rodła 9

+48 (91) 852 27 20

We are working on the Szczecin maritime market under PŻ logo since 1999. As from year 2003 Project Żegluga Sp. z o.o. belongs to Fairplay Towage group, which is celebrating its 100-years anniversary and is one of the Europe’s leading tugboat operators.

Currently the main activity of Project Żegluga is crewing and technical management, mainly for Fairplay Towage group, as well as on the open market. Towage services are performed by Swinoujscie based Fairplay Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością & Co. Sp. k.

For more information about port and towage services please visit Fairplay Towage website.